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Ripex 225 + Winstrol


In this combo you will get:

4x Ripex 225

3x Winstrol

Cycle used very often for cutting or recomposition(recomp). We STRONGLY recommend getting familiar with the possible side effects of the compounds before purchasing it while Ripex 225 contains Trenbolone Acetate. NOT RECOMENDED FOR BEGINNERS

You can strengthen the cycle even more by adding more test propionate or tren into the cycle-ADVANCE USER ONLY

1 review for Ripex 225 + Winstrol

  1. David Trowsdale

    Ripped 225 is my go to anabolic steroid, I noticed the diffence straight away physically and mentally. My whole body composition changed dramatically and I noticed the diffence very fast inside the gym within days my lifts had gone up and and I notice my body changing too making my confindence sky rocket I recommend this 100% for anyone who wants to make serious gains and if it’s combined winstrol you really can lift heavy and you have that dry veiny look

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