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TEST 400MG (10ML)


DISCLAIMER READ BEFORE PURCHASE: This is highly concentrated product and is not suitable and shouldn’t be taken by beginners but only for advance bodybuilders. If administrated without right knowledge and experience it can cause pain and swealing. Its absolutely NOT recommended to do injection in quads with this products!

Test 400mg is a blend of  three types of testosterone. In 1ml you will get 80mg of Testosterone Propionate, 160mg of Testosterone Enanthate and 160mg of Testosterone Cypionate. This product is not recommended for beginners but for more advance bodybuilders.

6 reviews for TEST 400MG (10ML)

  1. John Hanley

    I order this and dianabol few months back, absolutely incredible. Very pleased not only with the products but the delivery is outstanding, i was sceptical at first but top notch SPH i will be reordering again for sure.

    • Peter

      Hi John,

      We are happy that we could fulfil your requirements. Hopefully there will be more business between You and SPH

      Kind regards

  2. Johnpmhanley@gmail.com

    Outstanding product and service, I ordered this and also dianabol few months back, top notch SPH I will be ordering again for sure.

    • Peter

      Hi John

      We appreciate your business with us

      SPH Team

  3. Kevin Richardson (verified owner)

    Had 3 courses with tren ace and this results are amazing delivery and costomer care second to none I’d highly recommend this product

    • Peter

      Hi Kevin

      Thank you for the kind words.We are happy that you enjoy the product and they fulfil your requirements- We appreciate the business.
      Kind regards
      SPH Team

  4. Ivan (verified owner)

    ordered 3 x 10 ml received after 7 days fine but when opened no expiry date or batch numbers on labels emailed to ask why but no reply give benefit of doubt and tried with no effect apart from severe pain in butt i would not recomend this product

  5. Ryan

    Got test and dbol few months ago all a can say is wow the pice and delivery and results well worth it nearly ready to order next cheers

    • Peter

      Hi Ryan
      SPH Team

  6. Ryan

    Got test and dbol few months ago all a can say is wow

    • Peter

      Hi Ryan
      Great stuff
      SPH Team

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