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Primobolan Depot Steroid Profile                                               

Trade Name: Methenolone Enanthate

Drug Class: Anabolic Androgenic steroid

Detection Time: 4-5 weeks

Active Half-life: 10-14 days

Anabolic and Androgenic Rating: 88:44-57

Primobolan Depot, an injectable ester of methenolone enanthate, is a powerful anabolic androgenic steroid UK popular among athletes and bodybuilders. It has moderate anabolic action and mild androgenic activity with an active half-life of 10-14 days. Primobolan Depot comes in both injectable (Primobolan Depot) and tablets (Primobolan). The injectable form has a period of action of approximately two weeks because the drug transfers gradually from muscles to blood).

Primobolan is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), having a chemical structure with a double bond between carbon one and two. This double bond is responsible for giving the steroid its increased anabolic nature. The addition of a 1-methyl group in Primobolan also protects it from hepatic breakdown. Primobolan Depot is similar to testosterone enanthate in terms of its duration of action.

Why do Bodybuilders Mostly use Primobolan Depot?

Primobolan Depot is considered one of the female-friendly steroids because of its potential benefits.

The famous physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his Mr Olympia days has made one of the most popular steroids UK to be used in high demands. The following are some main reasons why athletes and bodybuilders use Primobolan Depot:

  • Maintains Muscle Mass: Athletes use Primobolan Depot mainly during their off-season to gain muscle strength and mass. This steroid also prevents muscle wastage, and that’s why it is best for cutting cycles. Bodybuilders take this steroid along with a calorie-deficit diet to maintain muscle bulk.
  • Shows No Aromatization: Compared to Deca Durabolin or testosterone, Primobolan Depot shows less inhibition in terms of anabolic effects. Less inhibition of Primobolan is due to its lack of conversion into DHT, reduced risk of aromatization, and low central nervous system activity.
  • No Estrogenic Side Effects: The mild anabolic properties of Primobolan Depot don’t let it convert into estrogen even if it is taken in high doses. It means that it won’t trigger gynecomastia (breast enlargement in males).
  • Improves Athletic Performance: Primobolan Depot maintains your muscle strength even after you stop using it. Athletes can enjoy the performance-enhancing benefits of the steroid for the long term. Its increased metabolic rate also burns fat, improves endurance and muscle recovery.

How Supplied?

Primobolan Depot is usually supplied in 10 ml vials and 1 ml ampules containing 100 mg/ml of methenolone enanthate in oil.

Dosage And Administration:

The dosage and administration of Primobolan Depot depend on the form in which it is used: oral or injectable. If the steroid is medically prescribed, it is given as 200 mg as a first dosage, followed by 100 mg per week. For medical conditions, the dosage of Primobolan Depot should range from 100 mg for 1-2 weeks and 200 mg for 3-4 weeks.

For bodybuilding purposes, the injectable dosage of Primobolan Depot starts from 400 mg per week. For intermediate users, the dosage ranges from 400-700 mg per week. The recommended dosage for advanced users is 800-1000 mg per week. For females, the recommended dosage is 50-100 mg per week of this steroid UK.

Oral doses of Primobolan Depot for beginners range from 50-100 mg per day. The dosage is recommended for intermediate and advanced users to be 100-150 mg and 150-200 mg, respectively. Recommended oral dosage for females is 50-70 mg per day.

Side Effects of Primobolan Depot:

When used in recommended doses, Primobolan Depot does not cause any side effects. The following are some side effects associated with excessive doses of Primobolan Depot:

1. Androgenic: Androgenic side effects include male pattern baldness, excessive hair growth on the face and body, and acne.

2. Cardiovascular: High blood pressure due to increased LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol levels are some of the cardiovascular side effects.

3. Hepatotoxic: Primobolan Depot has no significant damage or stress to the liver.

If all the above are fully understood and you are planning to buy steroids UK especially Primobolan Depot then you are in the right spot.Please do consider all pros and cons and make the decision based on needs, goals and experience

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Primobolan Depot, an injectable ester of methenolone enanthate, is a powerful anabolic androgenic steroid UK popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Buy Primobolan depot from Samson Steroids UK.

2 reviews for PRIMOBOLAN DEPOT 100MG/ML (10ML)

  1. JP

    Very competitive price on the market for Primo, found it cheaper and more expensive on the net-went with SPH due to the fact of their quality that Ive been told (not under-dosed or rubbish inside) and it is what they say it is. Cut is going extremely well and still looking forward for the rest of the cycle. Bought also their Test E with it, great combo. Recommended!!!

    • Peter

      Hi JP
      Thank you for the review. We appreciate good word and will be doing our best to provide quality for all of you guys. Keep the gains coming!

  2. Jerome

    I was recommended Primobolan Depot for protecting hard earned muscle tissue and I purchased it from your site. I am really impressed and amazed with the results of Primobolan Depot. Great quality & Thanks! I got motivated after reading Primobolan Depot is Arnold Schwarzenegger favorite anabolic steroid.

    • Peter

      Hi Jerome
      We glad that you are enjoying the product. Please let us know if we can be in any help in the future.
      SPH Team

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